Q: What should I expect to happen during my first order?

A: Expect the following.

– A Press Valet will arrive between 7pm and 10pm on the requested date.
– When the Press Valet is on their way, you will receive notice via text message.

Pick Up:
– Your Press Valet will provide a personal, reusable garment bag depending on the type of service request. (Dry Clean / Launder & Press or Wash & Fold).
– If you have any special requests, please let the driver know.

– Your cleaning is handled 100% in house and will never be outsourced to a different cleaner.
– Garments are inspected during different stages of the cleaning process to ensure your items are being cared for properly. If there is a potential risk with cleaning your item(s), you will be notified and your approval to proceed will be requested.
– We always follow the care label.

– Delivery is FREE and with our normal delivery return schedule (2 days). If next day service is requested, a small delivery fee of $4.99 will be applied to the order.

Q: Will I get a personal laundry bag?

A: Yes, dpending on the service requested, you will receive a reusable garment bag.

Black Garment Bag: Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press
– Garments will be dry cleaned or laundered and pressed. Garments are returned on a hangar.
Blue Tote Bag: Wash & Fold
– Garments will be laundered in cold water and dried on medium heat. Garments are returned folded.

Q: Should I separate my dry cleaning and laundry?

A: Yes, please separate your Dry Cleaning / Launder and Press from your Wash & Fold. If you’re not sure, you can ask your Press Valet for assistance.

– Anything you want returned pressed and on a hanger should go in the black Dry Cleaning / Launder & Press bag.
– Anything you want returned folded should go in the blue Wash & Fold bag.

Q: What time will a Press Valet arrive to pick up my clothes?

A: A Press Valet will arrive between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. When the Press Valet is on its way, you will receive notice via text message. If you have any issues, please alert the driver via text or e-mail us at help@pressdrycleaners.com.

– You can track the driver via our Press app.

Q: How will I know the total cost of my cleaning?

A: Pricing can be found here and on the Press app. Furthermore, an itemized receipt will be provided during delivery.

Q: When am I charged for my order?

A: Your credit card will be charged at the time of delivery. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at help@pressdrycleaners.com.