How do you make them stay that way?

You’re so excited. You just found the cutest outfit to wear. The colors are bright and vibrant. Now how do you make them stay that way?
It’s rare these days for one red sock to turn an entire load of whites into pinks but color bleeding is still a big problem and color fading happens often. There are a few easy things you can do to prevent it from happening to you.
It starts in the store. You can prevent color bleeding by choosing fabrics that hold onto their dye a little better, like polyester and jersey knit. High quality cotton can also hold its color. Make sure you check the label for warnings like “wash in cold water,” “color may fade,” or “wash before wear.” These are all warnings that could mean the color may bleed. You should also avoid any fabrics that feel crunchy as that may be a sign that there’s still some dye that did not absorb.
Once you bring it home, test the fabric before you wash. Fill a sink with cold, soapy water and place the garment inside. Check it in 30 minutes and see if any color has bled into the water. If it has, make sure you wash the garment with like colors or maybe wash it by hand for the first few washes.
To keep colors from bleeding in the washer, wash your clothes with cold water. The heat may cause fabrics to release their dye. Dye may also be released with friction. You can reduce friction in your washing machine by washing heavy fabrics, like jeans, separately and also zipping any zippers and buttoning any buttons. You can also use a color catching sheet. Color catching sheets can be found near the laundry detergent in any grocery store. The look like dryer sheets and will catch any loose dye in the water.
The best way to keep your clothes looking new is bringing them to a trusted dry cleaners like Press Cleaners. We’ll make sure they get the best treatment to stay looking fresh and colorful for many years to come.